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9mm NATO load data


9mm NATO A detailed list from TM 43-0001-27 "Army Ammunition Data Sheets Small Caliber Ammuntion"

MASTER PO'S DISCLAIMER: The following is for informational purposes only. DO NOT USE THIS DATA TO REPLICATE.

Cartridge, 9mm, Ball

Modified M3 Submachine Gun or commercial weapons (The use in M9 pistolis not authorized.)The cartridge is designed for use against personnel.


Weight - 182 grains
Length - 1.169 inches
Primer - Percussion
Propellant - Commercial
Charge - Meet ballistic requirements
Projectile Weight - 115 grains
Chamber Pressure - 38,500 psi avg., 43,000 psi maximum
Velocity - 1125 fps, 15 feet from muzzle

Cartridge, 9mm, Ball, NATO, M882

M9 pistol.The cartridge is designed for use against personnel. Cartridge can also be used in the following nonstandard weapons:
HK P7 series
Walther P38
FN P35
HK MP 5 and MP5SD SMG's
Berettea M12
Madsen M50
CZ M23
Sten MKII and Sterling 12A3 SMG's

BALL. Identified by a plain bullet tip.

Weight - 179 grains
Length - 1.165 inches
Primer - Percussion
Propellant - HPC 6
Charge - 6 grains
Projectile Weight - 112 grains
Chamber Pressure - 31,175 psi avg., 36,250 psi maximum
Velocity - 1263fps, 15 feet from muzzle

Other pistol loads include:
M905 High Pressure Test. (Identified by a timmed cartridge case and HPT on headstamp. WARNING! These loads are in excess of 50,000 psi when ired.)


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